David Devereux (david_devereux) wrote,
David Devereux

Still a Twit.

  • 08:03 RT @david_hewson The wonderful Vancouver Writers Festival has a free authors bar open till 2 am. Other festivals kindly note (and copy) #
  • 11:23 A little ray of hope, perhaps? Mideast atom forum sees brief Israel-Iran dialogue tinyurl.com/yhlhcyj #
  • 11:25 Blasts hit Pakistani cities tinyurl.com/yjn349t #
  • 11:31 Comedy moment: Linus Torvalds gives Windows 7 a big thumbs up tinyurl.com/ykmxynl #
  • 11:34 Ooh, fun! Fake car key is a spy video camera tinyurl.com/yhdzxmh #
  • 22:59 You want to know how rock'n'roll I am? I'm getting an early night on a Friday so I can get up stupid early tomorrow. I'm THAT rock'n'roll! #
  • 23:04 RT @geekplanetmatt Have YOU got tickets for the GeekPlanet Halloween event? Doug "Pinhead" Bradley & 4 classic movies! bit.ly/10mjGf #
  • 23:27 Time to turn off the phone, I think. G'night all, have an outrageously debauched time on my behalf. #


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    07:27 Attention creative writing students: if a tutor tells you to ignore an editor's advice out of hand, they are talking utter crap. #…

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